Distract Shield software helps you limit your distractions while driving with minimal intrusion and maximum customization!


DistractShield will automatically activate once it detects you going over a set speed and can do the following based on your selections:

1. Silence the phone.
2. Automatically respond to incoming texts with a message that you can preset.
3. Force speakerphone to activate on incoming or outgoing calls made (will not activate if bluetooth is on).
4. Select the speed at which you would like DistractShield to activate, either in Miles/hour or in Km/hour.
5. Choose whether you want DistractShield to use your GPS (more accurate) or Network Triangulation (less power) for determining your speed.

DistractShield has been designed to use as little resources as possible while maintaining a watch on your current speed. Once you have gone below the minimum activation speed for 5 minutes, DistractShield will automatically restore your device to it's original settings.

Time Mode

Going to see a movie or have a big meeting? Using time mode, turn on Distract Shield until a set date and time that you wish, set if for 3 hours or 3 days! With Time Mode you will never have to worry about forgetting to turn on your sound again!

Application Protection

Do you wish to install this on a child's phone to prevent them from phone distractions while driving? With DistractShield you can:

1. Auto reboot the application when the phone is restarted.
2. Prevent uninstallation of the application.
3. Prevent closing of the application.
4. Password protect all settings to prevent tampering by unauthorized persons.

Peace Of Mind

DistractShield helps to make sure that when you are driving, you are concentrating on driving. Don't be distracted by incoming texts or try to answer incoming phone calls using your hands, with DistractShield you can help reduce those distractions for yourself and your children while driving, all without having to remember to turn it on.

Purchase Today!

Visit the Google Play store to purchase the full version of this app for only $1.99 or download Distract Shield Free, which includes automatic silencing of your phone at set speeds!